How to Make Your Concrete Floors a Work of Art

Concrete foundations are essential for almost all types of buildings. There are several types of slabs that can be used to build the foundations of your building. Fortunately, they do not have to be boring and boring. Just like polished concrete, with a hint of colour here and there, you can easily transform your own floors into a work of art.

Read on to learn all about the colouring of concrete foundations.


Before trying to add colour or make patterns on your cement floor, it is extremely important to know if your project will be able to withstand the changes you intend to make. This means that your concrete slab must be intact before you can start designing it.

Since the joints and cracks in your floor can practically destroy the design, it is necessary to repair your cement floor before trying to customize it. It is also important to know that you cannot paint a concrete surface unless it is hardened. Therefore, if you have a newly constructed and installed cement slab, it is necessary to wait at least four weeks before you start painting it.

New concrete structures must also dry naturally without the use of curing chemicals. Since the addition of chemicals and other drying agents can cause problems during staining, if you want to design and customize your home, it is best to let the concrete surface dry naturally, even if it takes a little more than four weeks. Once the concrete is dry, acrylic plasters should be used to fill cracks in the cement slab.

Once the concrete has dried and been repaired, the next step is to thoroughly clean the entire surface before painting. Since it is very easy and common for dirt and other contaminants to get trapped, you should use a high-pressure cleaner for exterior surfaces. An additional cleaning agent may be required for the interior.


The roller you will use to paint it must be cleaned to ensure that the final result is free of imperfections or other contaminants such as dirt. When you start painting it, a brush should be used to paint the grooves in the concrete. At first, it may seem like a lot of paint is needed to paint your surface, but that’s only because a large part of the paint will be absorbed by the concrete.

Once the first coat has dried, you can then add other layers of stain according to the desired colour and finish. If you want to apply textured paint, you will need to use a primer before you can start applying the stain. If a primer is not used beforehand when applying the textured paint, it is very likely that the final result will not be as good as expected. With the new surface, concrete foundations generally mimic the modern look of natural stone.

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